The New Age Relaxation Lounge

The New Age "Relaxation Lounge" is a unique novelty program available at Phantom Shadow Entertainment. We have up to 6 chiropractic grade massage chairs and a 6 person aromatherapy oxygen bar.

Massage Chairs

The Neox Massage Chairs are professional chiropractic grade massage chairs.  The massage chairs will give you a massage very similar to certified massage therapists, all done electronically of course.  You will be a relaxed and happy camper when you are finished on our Neox Massage Chairs. Our Massage Chairs are the most advanced massage chairs in the mobile entertainment industry.

Oxygen Bar

The Oxygen Bar will give you a great feeling as you breath filtered oxygen through your choice of aroma therapy flavor.   You will like our very competitive price on this attraction and the fact that we can serve more participants at a time than the majority of oxygen bars in the industry.  We also feature soothing music while you enjoy your time at the oxygen bar.

Full Relaxation Lounge

A complete Relaxation Lounge includes: 3 Neox Professional Massage Chairs or you may choose to upgrade to 6 Massage Chairs, 3 Head Massagers, 3 New Head & Audio Massagers, & 3 Foot Massagers, along with the 6 station Oxygen Bar. A total of 18 to 21 people can enjoy the program at one time.  

Great add-ons to the Relaxation Lounge include the following:

VPA Voice Personality Analysis

Lip Lappy Make Your Own Lip Balm

Certified Theraputic Massage Therapists

Reiki Master

Ceregym Table with Attendant

Spinal Exercisers

Aqua Massage Beds